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Objectives of the Institution

General and Technical Education Scenario of the State

Vasumbe Tasgaon forms to be between the three taluka places viz. Palus Jath and Tasgaon. Hence it can be easily accessible to the students of these region. Also there are no any diploma pharmacy colleges in these taluka places, hence, has a better potential for admissions for these economically suffered, and deprived students who has to travel long to achieve good education. 

Status at Entry Level

There are about more than 4.5 Lakhs students that appear for 10+2 Science examination every year in the state,while there are around 15000 students appearing in HSC who take +2 education in science in Sangli District. Of the students graduating out of which nearly 6000 to 7000 students successfully secures admission in Sangli District to the different professional courses. While the remaining students have to see admission in various other colleges in the state.

Status of Technical Level manpower

Maharashtra has around 216 colleges providing diploma in pharmacy (pharmaceutical education) to the students in different regions. About 216 diploma institutes are graduating around 13815 students which are available for the different sectors of health. Viz. entrepreneur, service to other medical stores, recruitment in industries

Nowadays the industries are in need of diploma graduates of pharmacy who are been employed as skilled operators so that the quality of product can be improved. There is a very few portion of these 14000 students that approach to industries. Thus this venture of starting a new pharmacy diploma college shall benefit the industry with the technical manpower.

Industrial Scenario of the State

Maharashtra has very encouraging conditions for the establishment of pharmaceutical industries. It has one of the best atmosphere with highly qualified and skilled labour. Because of development of some five star industrial zones, Maharashtra is emerging as a state of very high industrialization. Rate the overall economy of state is improving because of social, Educational, and Industrial policies of state.

Scope of the College vis-a-vis the Industrial Scenario andEducational Facilities already available in the State.

Sangli district is considered to be a hub for medical treatment. It is located just to the border of Karnataka which lacks in providing technical manpower and healthcare facilities. There is a high need for diploma graduates that can provide better healthcare facilities to the needy patients. It has high number of hospitals so there is a need of D. Pharm Candidates to cater these.
Also lots of pharmaceutical industries are located in the nearby vicinity that need diploma graduates as technical operators. The currently available institutes are no doubt providing students but the need of the industrystill remains unfulfilled.