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The industry-institute interaction is one of the most important organ of any educational institute. The institute shall establish an IIP Cell. This cell shall help the students in providing the necessary facilities to interact with the industry needs. Help them in getting training to the students, etc. In future efforts shall be made to have collaborations/MOU with the industries for the collaborative activities that can be engaged between the institute and the industry.

Linkages with Industry:

Sangli district has around 5 industries that are easily accessible to the faculties and the students. Linkages if required can be developed easily. As the district is well known for health care facilities lots of hospitals and medical stores are available for providing the necessary training to the students.

Linkages with the Community:

The trustee members are renowned social workers of the society. They are involved in arranging guest lectures on the day to day needs of the society. They carry out healthcare camps, blood donations camps, debates, etc. to create social awareness among the community. These are involved in providing primary and secondary education to the needy students of rural region.

Linkages with other Technical Institutions in the region:

The president of the trust was the principal/headmaster in a school; he is well connected with most of the technical educational and industrial institutes in this region.

Linkages with Institutions of excellence such as the IITs and IISc., Bangalore Linkages Abroad:

Presently we are establishing this institute as a professional institute for the very first time. We shall likely be fortunate enough to establish links with the institutes of excellence after achieving the desired objective.

Linkages with R&D Laboratories:

This institute is a diploma level institute where the impact of research and development shall have a negligible effect. However all efforts shall be undertaken by the institute to conduct/arrange different conferences so that the students shall be made aware about the R & D going around and at later stages after establishing degree college shall establish a link with R & D Laboratories.